HETGS Line Profiles  




The new LSF library is as good as they can be with the marx model we have.

However we may need to adjust the HRMA parameters used in marx to reach a better agreement with ChaRT (or real Cal data) PSF.

How to take advantage of this new LSF library

Run mkgrmf that comes with CIAO. Instruction on how to use mkgrmf is found in this CIAO document. Every grating user (HETG/ACIS-S at this point) is encouraged to make his/her own RMF via mkgrmf + new LSF library.

Future Work

  • Create the same LSF library for minus order of HEG/MEG.
  • Create the same for higher orders of HEG/MEG.
  • Create the same for LETG/HRC-S. Some bug fixes and new calibrations for HRC-S are necessary before beginning this process.

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