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Chandra Calibration Review Presentations Tagged with "2004"

Reference Presenter Title
2004.26EliBeckermanA measurement of the HRMA vignetting with Abell 1795
2004.23MaxBonamenteChandra/XMM cross-calibration: Temperatures and soft X-ray fluxes of four galaxy clusters with ACIS-S/EPIC
2004.21VadimBurwitzOnline Archive of LETG Observations
2004.27Sun MiChungCharacterizing Non-linearities in the Chandra LETG+HRC-S Dispersion Relation
2004.20HankDonnellyOverview of HRC Performance
2004.3JeremyDrakeInvestigating the Chandra Transmission Grating Spectrometer Line Response Functions
2004.8RichardEdgarBack-Illuminated ACIS QE: Revised
2004.18TerranceGaetzThe HRMA User's Guide
2004.16DaleGraessleRevisiting Iridium Optical Constants and the Chandra HRMA Effective Area
2004.10CatherineGrantEvolution of ACIS Performance
2004.15DiabJeriusEmpirical Corrections to the HRMA Ir M Edge Discrepancy
2004.22VinayKashyapChandra and Newton: Common Low-Energy Grating Observations
2004.28VinayKashyapChandra HRC-S Degapping Corrections from Flight and Lab Data
2004.24MarcusKirschXMM-Newton (cross) calibration
2004.7MaximMarkevitchStatus of the ACIS Background
2004.5HermanMarshallOverview of the HETGS Calibration
2004.12HermanMarshallDiagnosing the ACIS Contaminant using Grating Observations
2004.2DeronPeaseImprovements to the HRC-S QE uniformity and LETGS effective area
2004.14PaulPlucinskyProspects for an ACIS Bakeout
2004.29JenniferPosson-BrownStudying the HRC-I Uniformity with Observations of the Vela SNR
2004.30FrankPriminiA DS9-based Interface to HRMA Enclosed Count Fractions Files
2004.6NorbertSchulzConstraints on higher orders using Sco X-1
2004.11NorbertSchulzCTI and time dependent gain corrections for ACIS
2004.19DanSchwartzChandra Observations of Kiloparsec-Scale Jets
2004.31BradleySpitzbartChandra Automated Point Source Processing for Calibration Monitoring
2004.32BrettUnksThe AXAF Guide/Aspect Star Catalog (AGASC) Version 1.6
2004.9AlexeyVikhlininImproved high spatial resolution calibration of ACIS QEU
2004.13AlexeyVikhlininSpatial structure of the ACIS contamination from the ECS analysis
2004.4SaeqaVrtilekThe Chandra View of X-ray Binaries
2004.1BradWargelinLETG Higher Order Diffraction Efficiency Final Results
2004.17PingZhaoChandra Telescope Optical Axis

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