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Last modified: 11 October 2013

URL: http://cxc.harvard.edu/iris/sedlib/index.html


Spectral Energy Distribution Library

The SED Library is a set of Java classes which represent Spectral Energy Distribution (SED) Data as defined by the IVOA Spectrum Data Model v1.03. The library provides a base set of classes as well as a high level API which allows users to easily create and manipulate SED data. Supported serialization formats are VOTable and FITS.

Our Quick Start Guide provides download and setup instructions for the SEDLib package.
The User's Guide provides some simple examples using the SEDLib package.
The javadoc API is available online here.

The latest release is version 1.2, which is available for download here.
Previous versions can be found here.

Issues may be reported via the CXC Helpdesk.
To help direct issues, please choose the Catagory 'Iris', and prefix your subject with the tag '[sedlib]'.

Last modified: 11 October 2013
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