Chandra Radiation Environment Summary

See about rad_summ for the definition and origin of the values below.

Orbit start: 2021:334:17:09:01 (all times on this page are UTC)
Current altitude (km) and orbit leg: 52320 D
Current configuration: HRC-S NONE
Next comm: 2021:337:16:25:00 (11.5 hours)
Next rad zone: 2021:339:19:18:00 (62.4 hours)
Last updated: Fri Dec 3 04:52:05 2021

 Attenuated - projects fluences based on upcoming SI and grating configuration
ACIS effective exposure times (ks)     Until next radzone: 186.5     Until next comm: 3.7
 Current FluxCurrent fluence
(total so far in current orbit)
Projected fluence
until next rad zone
Projected fluenceProjected fluenceLimits
 (p/cm^2-s-sr-MeV)(p/cm^2-sr-MeV)at current flux
(at 2X flux)
*at 10X flux*
until next comm.until second comm. 
CRM 0.000E+00 2.226E+08 9.313E+08
2.365E+08 4.782E+08 working yellow limit:
1.000E+09 (fluence)
ACE P3 0.000E+00 6.550E+06 1.028E+07
6.623E+06 7.895E+06 alert trigger:
1.000E+09 (fluence)
GOES-R (P4) 0.000E+00 4.680E+03 1.195E+04 4.823E+03 7.303E+03  
GOES-R (P7) 0.000E+00 2.160E+03 5.517E+03 2.226E+03 3.371E+03  
GOES-R (E > 2.0 MeV) 0.000E+00 1.043E+08 2.663E+08 1.075E+08 1.627E+08  
 External - does not take into account the instrument configuration
 Current FluxCurrent fluence
(total so far in current orbit)
Projected fluenceProjected fluence Limits
 (p/cm^2-s-sr-MeV)(p/cm^2-sr-MeV)until next radzone
(total for current orbit)
until next comm.until second comm. 
CRM 3.800E+03 3.988E+08 1.253E+09 5.568E+08 7.985E+08  
ACE P3 2.030E+01 6.781E+11 6.781E+11 6.781E+11 6.781E+11 3.6e8 (2 hr fluence, red)
GOES-R (P4) 3.900E-02 8.384E+03 1.715E+04 1.001E+04 1.249E+04 30.0/90.9 (flux, yellow/red)
GOES-R (P7) 1.800E-02 3.870E+03 7.915E+03 4.618E+03 5.763E+03 0.25/0.70 (flux, yellow/red)
GOES-R (E > 2.0 MeV) 8.690E+02 1.868E+08 3.821E+08 2.229E+08 2.782E+08  

The current fluence is calculated from the beginning on the current orbit. The ACE P3 external fluence starts integrating above 10 kkm.
* EPHIN "fluxes" are raw counts as of the last support [ 2021:337:00:25:42 Dec 3 ], not averaged.