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Education and Outreach

Cycle 4 EPO

NASA has tranferred responsibility for the Chandra EPO peer review to CXC Ed/Outreach, starting with the Cycle 4 NRA. As in past NRA cycles, after approved science observations are announced, winning PI's will be able to submit EPO proposals. Additional information will appear in the coming months on the Cycle 4 proposal pages and in updates in the Chandra Electronic Bulletin. Results of the Cycle 3 EPO Peer Review, conducted by NASA, have been posted on the public website at

Chandra Data Analysis for Students

We have released for field testing, a beta version of a suite of imaging and analysis software, accessed from a web-based interface, that students from middle school through undergraduate levels can use to manipulate and analyze Chandra data sets. See
This is a plain vanilla version. We have not yet attempted to revise the interface pages into a more interactive or attractive format. We encourage those of you who work with students to try out the functionality and to send comments via the evaluation form posted with the pages. We encourage interested scientists to help develop additional activities and labs. If you have material to contribute contact Kathy Lestition at

2001 Outreach Resources

$\bullet$ Public Web Site: The public web site continues to experience good growth in visits. The site averaged 3-4 million hits a month over the last year. Most recently, hits topped one million on the day that the Chandra galactic center survey image was released. The message: the public notices and appreciates new Chandra results. Please continue to contact the Chandra Press Office (Megan Watzke or Wallace Tucker) about noteworthy images and science results for public release.

$\bullet$ Images CDROM: We have produced an updated CDROM (v 1.3) containing the public Chandra images through mid-December 2001. The content includes and supersedes all previous versions. To request a CD use the Resource Request link at:

$\bullet$ Presentation Materials:     For those preparing electronic presentations, we continue to add the new public images and related materials, as they are released, to the Presentation, Images & Illustration, and Animation collections This on-line resource will always be more current and inclusive than the CDROM which is updated only periodically. Link at:

$\bullet$ Outreach Materials: We have added an on-line form (with thumbnails) from which printed outreach materials such as posters, bookmarks, etc. can be requested. See Resource Request link at:

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