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Education and Public Outreach

Cycle 4 Peer Review

The Cycle 4 Chandra Education and Public Outreach (EPO) Peer Review, conducted jointly by NASA and CXC, was held in Cambridge MA on Oct. 23-24, 2002. A seven-member panel representing science, education, museum, Forum, NASA mission and NASA management perspectives reviewed 19 proposals. Twelve individual PI proposals and 7 institutional proposals were submitted, a record for Chandra EPO (Education and Public Outreach) submissions. The overall quality of the proposals was high, which made the selection process quite competitive. Four individual proposals and three institutional proposals were selected for funding. A list of the selected PI's and institutions follows. Additional summary information about each selected proposal can be found on the Chandra EPO web site at:

Individual PI Proposals

Institutional Proposals

Cycle 5 EPO and Peer Review

The CXC has responsibility for issuing the Call for Proposals (CfP) for EPO proposals as well as organizing and carrying out the Peer Review. PIs interested in submitting EPO proposals should read the EPO section of the Cycle 5 CfP. Supplementary EPO proposals may be submitted by PIs of selected science proposals who are US citizens. Additional information and specific links for proposal submission will be posted to the CXC proposer site at:

Deadline for Cycle 5 EPO proposals is September 19, 2003

Note that the deadline for Cycle 5 EPO proposals has been decoupled from the due date of the science budget to enable EPO proposers to concentrate fully on their EPO submission.

CXC Education & Public Outreach Resources

We encourage you to use this section as a resource for talks and public presentations or to create other outreach materials.

Kathy Lestition

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