The Six Years of Science with Chandra Symposium

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The Six Years of Science with Chandra Symposium

for a wide range of publications.
Aside from the wealth of interesting and new scientific results, one of the social highlights of the symposium was the dinner held at the Boston Museum of Science. During the event Harvey Tananbaum, Steve Murray, Gordon Garmire, Martin Weisskopf and Claude Canizares remembered in short speeches their colleague and friend Leon. Leon’s wife and two of his children were special guests both at the dinner event and at Paul Reid’s talk. Following the dinner an eager crowd was invited to a private viewing of the museum’s special exhibit Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination. (Figure 32)
Several photographs from the symposium and the dinner event can be found one line at
Also on-line are the symposium proceedings at
Conference materials will be linked to the ADS in the near future.

FIGURE 32: The symposium dinner was held at the Museum of Science, where participants reminisced about Leon and enjoyed the exhibits. Clockwise from upper left: a. Harvey Tananbaum shares stories. b. Harvey Tananbaum with Leon’s wife Erin, daughter Elaine, and son David. c. Antonella Fruscione. d. Paul Reid’s final slide.

To conclude here is a nice e-mail of appreciation from one of the

“I really enjoyed the symposium last week. Most of the talks
contained enough tutorial material so a listener who was not a
specialist in that area could learn. At least I did. It may have
been choice of speakers or instructions to speakers but the final
result was very good. I also liked having posters up for several
days. There was finally time to read them. The hotel was a nice
choice and the meeting seemed to progress smoothly.
Congratulations to both scientific and administrative organizers!”

See you at the Eight Years of Science with Chandra Symposium in 2007!

Antonella Fruscione
Six Years Symposium Chair