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Talks   Posters

Last First Title
Barger Amy Extragalactic Surveys
Beckmann Volker The INTEGRAL 20-40 keV AGN Survey and Luminosity Function
Brandt Niel Deep-Survey Constraints on X-ray Outbursts from Stellar Tidal Disruptions
Brusa Marcella The AGN content of the COSMOS: the XMM-Newton view
Carrera Francisco J. Obscured and unobscured growth of supermassive black holes from the XMM-Newton Medium sensitivity Survey
Coil Alison Clustering of AGN and QSOs at z=1
Comastri Andrea Everything you always wanted to know about X-Ray Background but were afraid to ask
Donley Jennifer X-ray Properties of Spitzer-Selected AGN
Eckart Megan Recent Results from the SEXSI Survey: Comparison of AGN Selected by Chandra and Spitzer
Finoguenov Alexis Statistics of galaxy groups in ultradeep XMM surveys.
Fiore Fabrizio The multiwavelengh survey of the ELAIS-S1 field
Forman William XBONGS in the XBootes Field
Frank Stephan The sources of the CFD-N - classification schemes, absorption estimates and broadband SEDs
Gilfanov Marat X-ray binaries and CXB.
Gilli Roberto The spatial clustering of X-ray selected AGN
Green Paul Extragalactic Surveys: A Chandra Science Workshop
Hickox Ryan A population of mid-infrared selected, obscured AGN in the Bootes field
Jeltema Tesla The Evolution of X-ray Luminous Groups of Galaxies
Kenter Almus Large scale structure in the XBootes survey
Koekemoer Anton Probing AGN Populations beyond Redshifts 6 - 7 using Large X-ray Surveys
Lacy Mark X-ray properties of Spitzer-selected type-2 quasars
Lehmer Bret The X-ray Properties of Early-Type Galaxies in the Extended Chandra Deep Field-South
Mainieri Vincenzo NH distribution from deep and large area X-ray surveys.
Martini Paul AGN in Clusters of Galaxies
Mateos Silvia Statistical analysis of the X-ray emission properties of type-1 AGN in the XMM-2dF Wide Angle Survey
Miyaji Takamitsu AGN Clustering and Environments in X-ray Surveys
Nandra Kirpal Survey Challenges
Norman Dara Weak lensing selected, X-ray confirmed galaxy clusters \& the AGN closest to them
Polletta Mari X-ray surveys in the SWIRE fields
Seymour Nicholas Revealing the Nature of the Sub-mJy Radio Population with deep Multi-wavelength (X-ray/Optical/IR) Observations
Silverman John The evolution of supermassive black holes out to z ~ 5
Steffen Aaron Extending $\alpha_{OX}$ studies to include the numerous low-to-moderate luminosity AGNs
Tedds Jonathan X-ray Variability in the 2XMM Pre-release Serendipitous Catalogue
Tozzi Paolo Spectral analysis of X-ray sources in the CDFS
Tueller Jack Swift/BAT Hard X-ray Survey of AGN
Tzanavaris Panayiotis The luminosity function and evolution of normal galaxies
Vignali Cristian The obscured X-ray source population in the HELLAS2XMM survey: the Spitzer perspective
Vikhlinin Alexey High-redshift galaxy cluster surveys
Winter Lisa Early Results from SWIFT's BAT AGN Survey
Xu Yueheng "Normal" galaxies sample from 2dF-XMM Wide Angle Survey

Talks   Posters

Last First Title
Aird James Faint end of the AGN x-ray luminosity function at z=3
Aldcroft Tom Yaxx: Yet Another X-ray Xtractor
Francke Harold Clustering of z=3 AGN in MUSYC-ECDFS
Georgantopoulos Ioannis SHEEP2: A search for obscured AGN with XMM in the hardest band (7.5-12 keV)
Gomez Percy First Results of an optically blind Sunyaev-Zeldovich Cluster Survey
Green Paul X-ray Spectral Properties of Broad Line AGN in the SDSS/ChaMP
Hao Heng AGN SEDs in COSMOS Survey
Hornschemeier Ann Deep X-ray Survey of the Coma Cluster with XMM-Newton
Hudson Daniel The Chandra Follow-Up Of The HIFLUGCS Sample - An Analysis Of The Cores Of All 64 Clusters.
Kaufmann Sarah The X-ray properties of radio-loud core-dominated AGN at different redshifts
Kilgard Roy Normal Galaxies in the Chandra/SWIRE X-ray Survey
Kim Minsun Chandra Multiwavelength Project X-ray Point Source Number Counts and the Cosmic X-ray Background
La Franca Fabio The Hard X-Ray Luminosity Function of AGNs
Landt Hermine The Deep X-ray Radio Blazar Survey (DXRBS) - Radio and X-ray Number Counts, Evolution and Luminosity Function
Lehmer Bret The Properties and Redshift Evolution of Intermediate-Luminosity Off-Nuclear X-Ray Sources in the Chandra Deep Fields
Lewis Karen Follow-up of the XMM Slew Survey: 5070 square degrees and counting
Marco Ajello The BAT extragalactic hard X-ray survey
Owen Richard X-ray Emission from Nearby 'Normal' Spiral Galaxies
Park Shinae A Spitzer-Chandra Survey of AGN in the Extended Groth Strip
Polletta Mari Spectral Energy Distributions of Hard X-ray selected AGN in the XMDS Survey
Rovilos Emmanouel Radio observations of the Chandra Deep Field South Are radio sources more obscured?
Sabirli Kivanc The XMM Cluster Survey
Saez Cristian A Study of AGN evolution in the X-ray band.
Smith Rebecca Developing a photometric redshift code for use with large X-ray selected AGN samples
Trouille Laura Optical Properties of the LHN-2 and CLASXS Chandra X-ray Survey Sources