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1. Revised LETG grating efficiencies (GREFFs) for orders 2-10
2. 2011 X-Ray Astronomy School, 1-5 August 
3. CIAO Workshop, 6 August
4. Abstract deadline April 27 for July Chandra Science Workshop
5. Announcement of 2011 Meeting of the HEAD of the AAS

Item 1: Revised LETG grating efficiencies (GREFFs) for orders 2-10

New LETG higher-order efficiencies for m=2-10 are being released in 
CALDB 4.4.3.  The largest changes occur near 12 Ang, where the new 
efficiencies are typically 15-20% lower than before.  1st order 
efficiencies are unchanged.  More information may be found at

Item 2: 2011 X-Ray Astronomy School, 1-5 August

The 2011 X-ray Astronomy School, organized jointly by HEASARC at NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center and the Chandra X-ray Center, is designed to
introduce graduate students and recent postdocs to the intricacies of
X-ray astronomy.

The lectures emphasize the foundations of X-ray astronomy rather than
any particular software tools. However, the school does include a
hands-on component in which participants will analyze an X-ray dataset
of their choice using the standard software.

To register online:

Please email with any questions.

Item 3: CIAO Workshop, 6 August

The 8th Chandra/CIAO Workshop will be held 06 August 2011, immediately
following the X-ray Astronomy School, at the Chandra X-ray Center in
Cambridge, MA (USA). This free, one-day workshop will be an intensive
introduction to data analysis in CIAO 4.3.

There is no registration fee, and you do not have to register for the
X-ray Astronomy School to attend the CIAO workshop.

More information is available from the CIAO website:

Questions on the CIAO workshop should be sent to the CXC Helpdesk:

Item 4:  Abstract deadline April 27 for July Chandra Science Workshop

The abstract submission deadline is 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

for contributed talks at the Chandra-sponsored Science Workshop

           July 12-14, 2011
at the DoubleTree Guest Suites in Boston, MA.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

is the final deadline for general registration and poster abstract

Please check the website at
for full information, including invited speakers, accommodation
information, and a workshop poster suitable for advertising
the meeting at your institution!


   Structure in Clusters and Groups of Galaxies in the Chandra Era

The 2011 Chandra Science Workshop focuses on structure within the hot
intracluster media (ICM) of resolved clusters and groups of
galaxies. This conference will celebrate the interface of observable
phenomena such as shocks, cold fronts, abundance variations, bubbles,
and jets with theory and interpretations related to cluster mergers,
sloshing, and AGN feedback, with an emphasis on joining Chandra
results with those from other missions and wavelengths.  


 David Buote
 Eugene Churazov
 Klaus Dolag
 Megan Donahue
 Alastair Edge
 Anthony Gonzalez
 Maxim Markevitch
 Craig Sarazin
 Debora Sijacki

Item 5: First Announcement of 2011 Meeting of the 
High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD) of the 
American Astronomical Society

September 7-10 (Wed.-Sat), 2011
Newport Marriott Hotel
Newport, Rhode Island

Mark your calendars, bookmark the conference website and get on the
conference mailing list:

Abstracts are due Friday, May 13, 2011

We are delighted to announce the 2011 edition of the High Energy
Astrophysics Divisional meeting and we anticipate another excellent
conference with several new and exciting features.  Learn about the
new results from ongoing missions and programs, as well as the latest
results from the Large Hadron Collider.  Special sessions will inform,
discuss, and debate a range of issues from whether dark matter has been
detected to the future of high energy astrophysics.

Newport is a very special place with the best-preserved Colonial
district in the United States, along with the greatest mansions of the
Gilded Age, one of which will host our conference dinner.  The weather
should be ideal for taking advantage of the wonderful beaches and
outdoor activities.

Special Sessions Include

Upcoming X-Ray Missions: NuSTAR, eROSITA, Astro-H, and GEMS
Astrophysics with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
High-Energy Processes in Nearby Galactic Nuclei
X-Ray Polarimetry as a Probe of Extreme Physics
Transient Astronomy in the Advanced LIGO Era: Electromagnetic
  Counterparts to Gravitational-Wave Signals
Time Series in High Energy Astrophysics: Techniques Applicable to Multi-
  Dimensional Analysis

In addition to the usual topics, we hope to assemble sessions around the

Are There Viable Models for SN Ia?
Particle Physics and Astrophysics
Have We Detected Dark Matter?

And the following topics might help to inform you about the near-future:

The Future of High Energy Astrophysics
The Hiring Process: Things Young Scientists Should Know

Conference Website (meeting logistics, registration, and abstract

We strongly encourage HEAD members, and the wider community, to join us
for this special meeting in September.

Head Executive Committee:

   Chryssa Kouveliotou (chair)
   Joel Bregman (vice chair)
   Mitch Begelman (past chair)
   Ann Hornschemeier (secretary-treasurer)
   Jack Hughes
   Frits Paerels
   Belinda Wilkes
   Rosanne DiStefano
   Stephen Reynolds
   Jan Vrtilek

Local Organizing Committee Chair:
 Meg Urry, Yale University

Please contact Trish Dobson ( for any help with your
logistical needs and/or any questions regarding this meeting.

Note: This message has been sent to various email exploders and we
apologize for any duplication. If you are interested in attending this
meeting, please visit the conference website and sign up to be put on
the email list. All future announcements/updates will only go to this
new list, which will not be shared or used for any other purpose.

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