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Chandra Calibration Review Presentations Tagged with "2005"

Reference Presenter Title
2005.34EliBeckermanError Analysis of HRC-I ECF Regions Applied to ACIS Data
2005.29NancyBrickhouseIncorporating Atomic Data Uncertainties into Data Analysis
2005.33AlannaConnorsRapporteurial Summary
2005.20LaurenceDavidOverview of Chandra Calibration
2005.18JosephDePasqualeCross Calibration of the Chandra/ACIS and XMM/EPIC low energy response using 1E0102-723
2005.9JeremyDrakeThe Status of the Low Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer Calibration
2005.25JeremyDrakeIncluding Calibration Uncertainties in X-ray Model Parameter Estimation Analyses
2005.15RichardEdgarWhat's new in ACIS calibration
2005.3TerranceGaetzPileup and the ACIS/HRMA Point Spread Function
2005.14CatherineGrantEvolution of ACIS Performance
2005.11KazunoriIshibashiMeasuring the Accuracy of Chandra/HETGS Wavelength Scale with Capella Data
2005.26RimaIzemDimensionality Reduction of Functional Data
2005.1DiabJeriusImprovements to the HRMA Effective Area
2005.8MichaelJudaAn Improved HRC-I Degapping Correction
2005.22MargaritaKarovskaChandra PSF and High-Angular Resolution Imaging
2005.12VinayKashyapSpectral Response of the HRC-I
2005.10VinayKashyapHRC-S/LETG: Degap and Wavelength Corrections
2005.6MarcusKirschXMM-Newton EPIC calibration and health status 2005
2005.30MaximMarkevitchPropagation of ACIS background uncertainties
2005.27HermanMarshallPixel Randomization
2005.19HermanMarshallRecent Improvements to the HETGS Effective Area Calibration
2005.21HermanMarshallAllocating, Finding, and Correcting Systematic Errors in Instrumental Effective Areas
2005.4JonathanMcDowellWhat Shape is the Telescope In?
2005.2DeronPeaseA Study of the Chandra/ACIS PSF using Actual Data
2005.13PaulPlucinskyStatus of the ACIS Bakeout
2005.32AndyPollockCalibration Uncertainties Status
2005.7AndyPollockThe XMM-Newton RGS Effective Area
2005.37JenniferPosson-BrownMonitoring the Optical/UV Transmission of the HRC with Betelgeuse
2005.16GregoryPrigozhinImproved model of BI CCD response at low energies
2005.31JürgenSchmittMissing lines, calibration errors, or what?
2005.17NorbertSchulzACIS Energy Response Performance with the External Calibration Source
2005.28RandallSmithThe Advantages of User Collaboration with the Calibration Team
2005.24SteveSnowdenSWCX - A Background You Don't Want To, But Ought To Know About
2005.23BradWargelinCauses and Effects of Temporal Variations in the Soft X-Ray Background
2005.38CharlesWiltonThe HRC-I Gain Map
2005.5PingZhaoChandra Telescope Optical Axis and Aimpoint

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