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DEC 2002 CUC presentation Viewgraphs

0915Manager's ReportRoger Brissenden
09:45DDT reportHarvey Tananbaum
10:00Plans for Cycle 5 Peer ReviewFred Seward
11:00Metrics for LP assessmentBelinda Wilkes
11:30WebChaSeR: New ReleaseSherry Winkelman
11:45E/PO process for Cycle 5Kathy Lestition
14:00Report on Calibration WorkshopHank Donelly
14:10Calibration status, plans for Cycle 5Larry David
14:30Calibration Time in Cycle 5Harvey Tananbaum
14:45Update on the Low Energy QEPaul Plucinsky
16:00CIAO Update
    - Intro, CIAO 2.3(non-CTI):Martin Elvis
    - CIAO 2.3 [CTI]:Mike Wise
    - Contamination model ACISABS:Doug Burke
    - Doc changes, User Survey:Antonella Fruscione
    - ChaRT:Margarita Karovska
    - WebGuide, ASTROATOM:Nancy Brickhouse
    - CIAO 3 plans:Martin Elvis
1645 Membership Issues CUC

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