December 3-6, 2024

Revere Hotel • Boston

Organized by the Chandra X-ray Center

The symposium will highlight twenty-five years of incredible science enabled by the Chandra X-ray Observatory, celebrating the discoveries made by Chandra, the unique capabilities of the mission, and the potential discoveries still remaining. Topics and themes will emphasize high resolution imaging and spectroscopy, synergies with other observatories, and the legacy of the Chandra archive, covering theoretical and observational perspectives.

Topics and themes will emphasize high resolution imaging and spectroscopy, observations and theory, including related data from other observatories.

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Meeting Logistics and Registration

All attendees are expected to abide by the code of conduct for Chandra X-ray Center events.

Important Dates

Opening of Abstract Submission:June 6, 2024
Abstract Submission Deadline:August 11, 2024
Speakers Notified:September 13, 2024
Program Release:September 20, 2024
Regular Registration Deadline:October 25, 2024
Late Registration and
Poster Submission Deadline:
November 8, 2024
Start of Symposium:December 3, 2024

Science Organizing Committee

Amruta Jaodand (Co-Chair) SAO/CXC
Dan Schwartz (Co-Chair) SAO/CXC
Mojegan Azadi SAO/CXC
McKinley Brumback Middlebury College
Jeremy Drake Lockheed-Martin Aerospace
Hannah Penn Earnshaw Caltech
Steven Ehlert NASA/MSFC Chandra Project Science
Pepi Fabbiano SAO/CXC
Victoria Grinberg ESA/ESTEC
Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo University of Montreal
Elisabeta Lusso University of Florence
Herman Marshall MIT/CXC
Priya Natarajan Yale University
Michela Negro Louisiana State University
Jack Steiner SAO/CXC
Tea Temim Princeton University

Local Organizing Committee

Amruta Jaodand (Co-chair)SAO/CXC
Thomas Connor (Co-chair)SAO/CXC
Tara GokasSAO/CXC
Katie CranmerSAO/CXC
Evan TingleSAO/CXC
Padmanabhan RamaduraiSAO/CXC
Jason ConrySAO/CXC
Rodolfo MontezSAO/CXC
Antonella FruscioneSAO/CXC