Last modified: 28 August 2013

How do I search the catalog by source name?

The "Name Resolver" feature of CSCview is available for searching the catalog by source name; this feature locates the coordinates of the specified source by conducting a target name search of the SIMBAD and/or NED astronomical databases. If the target name provided by the user is recognized, the coordinates of that source will automatically be entered in sexagesimal notation into the "ra" and "dec" boxes of the Cone Search window.

An alternate way of searching the catalog by source name would be to utilize the Boolean expression "LIKE" in the search statement entered into the Search Criteria window, along with the source property "Source Observations->Observation-Specific Information->Observation Target and Pointing->Observation Target->targname". For example, to return sources in all observations which targeted globular cluster 47 Tucanae, one would enter the following expression into the Search Criteria window of CSCview:

'o.targname LIKE 47 TUC%'

This search statement will locate all sources in the catalog in Chandra observations which targeted 47 Tucanae (or, more specifically, observations with source target names beginning with "47 TUC").

See the CSC science threads "X-ray Spectra of High-z, Radio-quiet Quasars" and "Survey of Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae" for examples of searching the catalog by source name. For a list of special characters which can be used to define query search statements in CSCview, see the "Search Criteria" section the CSCview Help file.