Last modified: 28 August 2013

How do I search for sources in a particular Chandra ObsID?

In order to search the catalog for sources in a particular ObsID, perform the following steps:

  • Launch CSCview from the top of the navigation bar on the CSC homepage (note the intermediate launch page before the GUI appears).
  • In the Query tab of CSCview, highlight and drag "Standard Search Criteria->Search by Observation Identification" from the Standard Queries window to the Search Criteria window (this effectively selects "Source Observations->Observation-Specific Information->Observation Identification->obsid" in the Source Properties window and enters it into the Search Criteria window).
  • In the Search Criteria window, enter the desired ObsID; e.g.:
    'o.obsid = 3387'
  • Before submitting the query, you must enter at least one source property in the Result Set window. The Result Set window is the place to list all the information you would like returned for the sources located in the search.
  • Finally, submit the query by clicking the "Search" icon (or menu item "File-->Search"). The table of search results which appears in the Results tab should contain one row for each source found in the specified ObsID, and one column for each source property listed in the Result Set window of the Query tab.

For detailed examples of searching the catalog by source property, such as ObsID, see the CSCview thread "Conducting a Property Search", as well as the CSC science threads.