Last modified: 28 August 2013

How do I search the catalog by source position?

To search the catalog by source position, enter the coordinates of the source into the Cone Search window of CSCview. This feature conducts a cone search of a specified radius in arcseconds, arcminutes, or degrees around the coordinates of a desired location on the sky. The cone search accepts Equatorial or Galactic coordinates in decimal degrees, as well as sexagesimal notation for the Equatorial option (e.g., hh:mm:ss.s, +/-d:mm:ss.s).

The "Name Resolver" feature locates the coordinates of a source by conducting a target name search of the SIMBAD and/or NED astronomical databases. If the target name provided by the user is recognized, the coordindates of that source will automatically be entered in sexagesimal notation into the "ra" and "dec" boxes.

To learn how to conduct a cone search in CSCview, see the CSCview thread "Conducting a Cone Search."