Last modified: 28 August 2013

How can I download the full list of source positions contained in the catalog?

It is possible to download through CSCview the coordinates of all distinctly identified sources contained in the catalog, e.g., to cross-reference the full list of CSC sources with a list of source positions obtained from another catalog (see also the CSC-SDSS Cross-match Catalog). To do so, simply open the Query page of CSCview, select "ra" and "dec" from the list of "master source" properties and enter them into the Result Set window - making sure that the "Select" option is set to "all distinct rows" to avoid duplicate rows in the output results table - and submit the query by selecting "Search". Note that the Search Criteria window must be left empty so that all sources in the catalog are returned.

You can change the coordinate format in the results table from the default sexagesimal to decimal via the Edit->Preferences->Output Coordinate Format menu item. To save the list of CSC source positions to a text file, select "Save" in the CSCview Results tab.