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Chandra Newsletter Issue 20

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Published by the Chandra X-ray Center (CXC)

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The Secret X-ray Lives of Planetary Nebulae
Rodolfo Montez Jr. and Joel H. Kastner
Project Scientist's Report
Martin Weisskopf
Project Manager's Report
Roger Brissenden
Instruments: ACIS
Paul Plucinsky, Royce Buehler, Nancy Adams-Wolk, Gregg Germain
Instruments: HRC
Ralph Kraft, Mike Juda, and Randall Smith
Instruments: HETG
Dan Dewey
Instruments: LETG
Jeremy J. Drake
Updates to Chandra Calibration
Larry David
Publishing Chandra Results
Arnold Rots and Sherry Winkelman
CIAO 4.5
Antonella Fruscione
Cycle 14 Peer Review Results
Belinda Wilkes
Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
Andrea Prestwich

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