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Chandra Newsletter Issue 26

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Published by the Chandra X-ray Center (CXC)

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The X-rays Also Rise: Chandra Observations of GW170817 Mark the Dawn of X-ray Studies of Gravitational Wave Sources
Director's Log, Chandra Date: 670723206
Project Scientist's Report
Project Manager's Report
Twenty Years of Chandra Celebrations
Remembering Riccardo Giacconi: The Father of X-ray Astronomy
ACIS Update
HRC Update
HETG Update
LETG Update
Chandra Calibration Update
Chandra Source Catalog
CIAO 1.0 to CIAO 4.11: A World Apart
Chandra's High Impact Science Papers
Rino Giordano (1955-2018)
Chandra Cool Targets (CCT, formerly CATs)
The NHFP Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
Accretion in Stellar Systems
Twenty Years of Chandra Peer Reviews
Replacing RPS after 20 Years: Introducing New Chandra Proposal Software (CPS)

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