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Radiogalaxies 08 Banner

Hosted by the Chandra X-ray Center

Radio Galaxies in the Chandra Era

July 8-11, 2008

Harvard Student Organization Center at Hilles
59 Shepard Street, Cambridge, MA

Contributed posters available for download


9:00-9:15 am Opening Remarks
Ralph Kraft and Harvey Tananbaum
9:15-9:50Dave De Young
Invited Talk: Radio Galaxies in X-ray Light: Problems and Processes
Session I - Radio Galaxies in the Local Universe
Chair: Dan Schwartz
9:50-10:25 Mark Birkinshaw
Invited Talk: AGN Jet Flows
10:25-10:40Talk I-1 D. Harris
Impulsive Brightening and Variability Timescales in the M87 Jet
10:40-11:10 Coffee
11:10-11:25Talk I-2 R. Daly
The Properties of the Most Powerful FRII Radio Galaxies
11:25-11:40Talk I-3 C. Jones
Centaurus A
11:40-11:55Talk I-4 R. Laing
Precision Jet Physics: low-power radio galaxies and their environments
11:55-12:10Talk I-5 I. Fernini
Radio Hot Spots in FR II Radio Galaxies and Quasars
12:20-1:00 Poster Haiku Session 1
Session II - Radio Galaxies at High Redshift
Chair: Aneta Siemiginowska
2:30-3:05Teddy Cheung
Invited Talk: High Redshift Relativistic Jets
3:05-3:20Talk II-1 P. Hardee
Helically Twisted Shocks in the M87 Jet
3:20-3:35Talk II-2 F. Massaro
X-ray and optical detections of the bent radio jet in 3C 17
3:35-3:50Talk II-3 J. Goodger
A Radio and X-ray Study of Particle Acceleration in the Centaurus A Jet
3:50-4:05Talk II-4 S. Jorstad
Connection between X-ray and Polarized Radio Emission in the Quasar Jets
4:05-4:20Talk II-5 H. Marshall
Two Components of the X-ray Emission from the 3C 273 Jet
Session III - Radio Lobes
Chair: Ralph Kraft
5:00-5:35Judith Croston
Invited Talk: The Physics of Radio Lobes: Insights from Chandra and XMM-Newton
5:35-5:50Talk III-1 N. Isobe
X-ray study of lobes of radio galaxy Fornax A
5:50-6:05Talk III-2 L. Godfrey
VLBI Imaging of a High Luminosity X-ray Hotspot
6:05-6:20Talk III-3 E. Hallman
The Properties of Radio Relics from Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Clusters
6:20-6:35Talk III-4 L. Birzan
Radiative Efficiency and Content of Extragalactic Radio Sources
6:35-7:20Tutorial I - Mitch Begelman
The Role of Special Relativity in Modifying the Spectral, Temporal, and Morphological Features of Extragalactic Jets


Session IV - Theory and Simulations on the Interaction of Jets with the Ambient Medium
Chair: Paul Nulsen
9:00-9:35Tom Jones
Invited Talk: Stirring and Heating the ICM with AGN Outflows: What are Simulations Telling Us
9:35-9:50 Talk IV-1 B. McNamara
How are Cluster-scale AGN Outbursts Powered?
9:50-10:05Talk IV-2 N. Soker
Inflating Fat Bubbles in Clusters of Galaxies by Slow Wide Jets
10:05-10:20 Talk IV-3 M. Perucho Pla
Numerical Simulations of the evolution of FRI jets
Session V - Radio Lobe/ICM Interactions and Feedback
Chair: Sebastian Heinz
11:00-11:35Marcus Brueggen
Invited Talk: The Physics of AGN Feedback in Clusters of Galaxies
10:35-11:50Talk V-1 N. Jetha
Shock heating in the group atmosphere of the radio galaxy B2 0838+32A
11:50-12:30Poster Haiku Session 2
2:00-2:15Talk V-2 D. Rafferty
The Regulation of Cooling and Star Formation by AGN Feedback
2:15-2:30Talk V-3 P. Nulsen
Radio Mode Feedback in Giant Elliptical Galaxies
2:30-2:45Talk V-4 R. Mittal
Role of central AGN in cooling-core galaxy clusters
2:45-3:00Talk V-5 H. Li
Cosmological MHD Simulations of Jets and Lobes in Galaxy Clusters
3:10-4:30Dedicated poster session and coffee
4:30-5:15Tutorial 2 - Lukasz Stawarz
A Role and a Structure of the Magnetic Field in Jets, Hotspots and Lobes of Radio Galaxies
5:15-6:00Tutorial 3 - Mark Birkinshaw
Jets: particle acceleration and entrainment


Session VI - Radio-Loud Seyferts and Low Power Radio Galaxies
Chair: Dan Harris
9:00-9:35Matteo Guainazzi
Invited Talk: Did I say radio-quiet? Radio-loudness in radio-quiet AGN
9:35-9:50 Talk VI-1 A. Tilak
Chandra Observations of AGN in Low Luminosity Radio Galaxies
9:50-10:05Talk VI-2 D. Evans
High-Resolution Chandra, HST, and VLA Observations of Radio-Loud Seyferts
10:05-10:20Talk VI-3 S. Raychaudhury
The role of feedback in galaxy groups
10:20-10:35Talk VI-4 P. Ogle
Impact of Jet Feedback on Molecular Gas and Star Formation in Radio Galaxies
Session VII - The Link between Radio Galaxies and Stellar Binaries
Chair: Elizabeth Blanton
11:15-11:50 Sera Markoff
Invited Talk: Exploring the Relationship Between (Radio Loud) Quasars and Microquasars
11:50-12:05Talk VII-1 K. Blundell
The evolution of classical double radio galaxies: enhanced with X-ray vision
12:05-12:20Talk VII-2 M. Sobolewska
What can we learn about AGN from alpha_ox measurements in GBHs?
Session VIII - Accretion and the Central Engine in Radio Galaxies
Chair: Dan Evans
2:00-2:35Rita Sambruna
Invited Talk: The disk-jet connection in radio loud AGN, the X-ray Perspective
2:35-2:50Talk VIII-1 M. Hardcastle
Accretion modes and feedback in radio-loud AGN
2:50-3:05Talk VIII-2 R. Hickox
Host galaxies, clustering, and evolution of radio, X-ray, and IR AGN at z less than 1
3:05-3:20Talk VIII-3 S. Willner
High redshift 3CR sources: Mid-infrared spectral energy distributions
3:20-3:35Talk VIII-4 R. Antonucci
Which radio galaxies have hidden quasars: results from a large Spitzer survey
3:35-3:50Talk VIII-5 H. Rottgering
Two distinct accretion processes in radio galaxies
Session IX - Lifecycles and Evolution of Radio Galaxies
Chair: Herman Marshall
4:30-5:05Stefi Baum
Invited Talk: There and Back Again: Cycles of Activity in Radio Galaxies
5:05-5:20Talk IX-1 Q. Hart
X-ray and Radio AGN in Coma Cluster Progenitors
5:20-5:35Talk IX-2 Y.-T. Lin
Statistical Properties of Radio Galaxies in the Local Universe
5:50-6:05Talk IX-3 S. Giacintucci
Low frequency radio observations of galaxy groups
7:00Dinner at Legal Sea Foods (more info and menu)

FRIDAY, July 11

Session X - BL Lacs and Blazars
Chair: Martin Hardcastle
8:30-9:05Greg Madejski
Invited Talk: Structure of Jet Cores in Blazars: Gamma-Ray Observations in Multi-Wavelength Perspective
9:05-9:20 Talk X-1 P. Kharb
Pc-scale rotation measures across radio galaxy jets
9:20-9:35Talk X-2 A. Marscher
The Long, Bright Extended X-ray Jet of OJ287
9:35-9:50Talk X-3 T. Ergin
Observations of VHE gamma-rays from M87 by VERITAS
9:50-10:05Talk X-4 R. Chatterjee
X-ray Dips and Superluminal Ejections in the Radio Galaxy 3C 120
Future Missions
Chair: Christine Jones
10:35-11:00Tracy Clarke
Invited Talk: The Promise of Future Radio Telescope Facilities
11:00-11:15Sebastian Heinz
Radio galaxies in the Constellation X era
11:15-12:30Conference Finale
Mitch Begelman
Invited Talk: Where do we go from here?
12:30-12:45Closing Remarks
Aneta Siemiginowska