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Maps & Transportation

Keeping a car in Cambridge can be frustrating, expensive, and actually not altogether necessary as public transportation is available to almost anywhere you may wish to go. Public transportation and taxi services are therefore highly recommended. However, if you do have a car with you, please be advised that most on-street parking in Cambridge requires a Cambridge parking permit, which means that you must be a resident of Cambridge and that your car must be registered in Cambridge.

There is no available parking at 60 Garden Street.

A closer look at Hilles in relation to the Radcliffe quadrangle and the Observatory.

Getting to the meeting from the Hotel Tria

Tue-Fri, the shuttle will leave the Hotel Tria at
to go to the CfA at 60 Garden St each morning.
CfA is just across Garden St from the SOCH.

Going Back to the Hotel Tria:
Nota Bene:
The Hotel Tria has one shuttle bus, which seats 13. There are about 23 participants staying at the Hotel Tria. Guests can call at any time to reserve a shuttle, but remember there is only one. No pickups available after 930pm.

Getting to the meeting from Hotel Le Meridien

You can walk the entire distance (2 miles) in about 45min, if you are a brisk walker.

You can take/share a taxi cab. This may cost approximately $10, but can be shared by up to 4 people, and will take you directly to the meeting venue. The trip will take you between 15 and 30min, depending on traffic.

Public Transportation:
Central Square is just 3 blocks from Le Meridien. Take the "T" (subway) from Central Square to Harvard Square, one stop on the Red Line train. The SOCH is about 15min walk, or a 5min taxi ride from Harvard Square.

You can minimize the walk by transferring to a bus as follows, but it won't save you any time. From Harvard Square, transfer at the Harvard Upper Busway to the #77 bus towards Arlington Heights. Get off the bus at the intersection of Massachusetts Ave and Wendell St. Cross Mass Ave to the other side (by the Starbucks) to Shephard St. The walk down Shephard St takes about 8min.