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Joint XMM/Chandra Accepted Cycle 16 Targets and Abstracts

Proposal NumberSubject CategoryPI NameChandra TimeTitle
16800003Galaxies, Groups of Galaxies, Clusters of Galaxies and SuperclustersAdam Mantz35ksScaling Relations of Distant, SZ-confirmed XXL Galaxy Clusters

Subject Category:Galaxies, Groups of Galaxies, Clusters of Galaxies and Superclusters

Proposal Number: 16800003

Title: Scaling Relations of Distant, SZ-confirmed XXL Galaxy Clusters

PI Name: Adam Mantz

We propose to follow up four distant galaxy clusters discovered by the XMM-LSS and XXL survey programs. In addition to being confirmed with optical and NIR spectroscopy or photometry, the presence of hot gas in each of these clusters has been confirmed through a significant detection of the Sunyaev-Zel dovich signal with CARMA. Three of our targets have redshifts greater than 1, with one of them at 1.5. Deeper XMM data will allow us to situate these high-redshift clusters on X-ray and SZ scaling relations and provide key mass proxies, enhancing the cosmological power of the XXL survey and enabling a variety of studies of cluster evolution. We also request joint Chandra observations in order to constrain and remove point-source contamination of the XMM signal for these faint clusters.

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