Joint NRAO/Chandra Accepted Cycle 20 Targets and Abstracts

Proposal NumberSubject CategoryPI NameChandra TimeTitle
21700004ACTIVE GALAXIES AND QUASARSPaulina Lira24.00ksConfiming the nature of IMBHs selected from the SIBLING survey


Proposal Number: 21700004

Title: Confiming the nature of IMBHs selected from the SIBLING survey

PI Name: Paulina Lira

We propose to conduct a sensitive search for radio and X-ray sources in the nuclei of three nearby galaxies that have been selected as candidate Intermediate Black Hole Mass (IMBH) hosts from the SIBLING survey. SIBLING represents a unique search for IMBH using a high cadence, deep and wide survey that has allowed us to identify candidate IMBH with an efficiency ~40 times grater than previous techniques. The results from SIBLING will put much tighter constraints on the occupation number of BHs in the low mass regime and might be able to finally solve the unknown origin of Super Massive Black Holes (SMBHs) in the center of massive galaxies.