Joint XMM/Chandra Accepted Cycle 20 Targets and Abstracts

Proposal NumberSubject CategoryPI NameChandra TimeTitle
20800052CLUSTERS OF GALAXIESStefano Ettori80.00ksWitnessing the culmination of structure formation in the Universe


Proposal Number: 20800052

Title: Witnessing the culmination of structure formation in the Universe

PI Name: Stefano Ettori

The targets of our XMM Heritage project are nearby galaxy clusters (z<0.6) selected accordingly to their SNR in Planck maps, and have dimensions from 6 to exceeding XMM FOV (in the latter case we also have offset pointings). They include 8 objects that have neither Chandra, XMM (nor Swift) exposures, and that are expected to range from 8 to 20 arcmin. To decide about their center, we cannot rely on Planck images because the resolution is very poor (˜5-10 ), but only rely on the RASS and optical images. However, the positioning of the cluster in the XMM FOV is important. Indeed, we must avoid that the PN camera gaps cross the center of the cluster (important products of our analysis are the radial profiles) and/or interesting substructures.