Notes for Virtual Attendees

A man pointing at a slide show on a screen. In front of him is a podium with a laptop and Owl camera.

Meeting Information

The meeting will be conducted via Zoom. Recordings will be made and will be available after the workshop. Video will be provided via an Owl camera located on the speaker podium. There will be individual breakout sessions on the late afternoon session of Wednesday, August 2, to discuss future visions for Chandra; both in-person and virtual attendees will be requested to be on Zoom for these. Please contact us at if you have registered for the workshop and have not received the Zoom information by July 25.

A woman holding a wireless microphone asks a question to someone off screen; around her are numerous out-of-focus people

Asking Questions

To minimize the workload on session chairs, we ask that virtual attendees either use the Zoom "Raise Hand" functionality to request to ask a question themselves or leave the question as text in the appropriate thread on the conference Slack. We will have Zoom chat turned off for this conference. We further ask that anyone asking questions remotely turn on their cameras, if feasible; remote attendees will be displayed at the front of the room.

Notes for In-Person Attendees

A Blue cube with rounded and padded edges, with a black protrusion, labeled 'Catch Box'. Below it is a small rectangular microphone with a clip and a control box with LED screen.

Use of Microphones

The success of the virtual component of this meeting hinges on all in-person attendees being cognizant of the remote attendees and ensuring that all talks and questions are given in range of a microphone. To that end, we have a two-microphone setup utilizing a CatchBox. For presenters, we have a clip-on lavalier microphone that can also be worn around the neck with a provided lanyard. For audience members, the Catchbox cube is a soft, light, throwable microphone that can be passed around quickly without requiring a volunteer to run a mic around. However, while it is soft and light, we nevertheless ask that you limit tosses to people near you or to the panel chair and to only toss underhand.