Last modified: 27 July 2021


A Graphical User Interface (GUI; pronounced "gooey") is an alternative to command-line tool use. The purpose of a GUI is to give users an intuitive, visual interface for interacting with the data. CIAO contains a number of GUIs:

GUI Description
prism Provides the user with the ability to view (both numerically and graphically) the contents of data files.
peg peg is a graphical parameter editor. It allows you to set parameters for tools and run them without having to use command-line tools like pset and plist. peg was withdrawn from CIAO 4.13.
taskmonitor GUI to run a task as a background process and display the output. taskmonitor was withdrawn from CIAO 4.13.

The ds9 GUI is also packaged with CIAO.


The ChIPS GUI - which enabled easy manipulation of plots created by ChIPS - was removed, along with the rest of ChIPS - in CIAO 4.12. The Matplotlib plotting package provides some graphical capabilities - such as zoom and pan - depending on what backend is in use.