Last modified: 10 November 2021

What Python version and packages are provided with CIAO 4.13?

The version of Python in CIAO 4.13 depends on how CIAO was installed:


The default option for the conda installation is Python 3.8, but you can chose to install with Python 3.7 or Python 3.6 instead.


When using ciao-install, the only option is Python 3.7.

Once the CIAO environment has been "activated", the Python version can be found with the command:

unix% python --version
Python 3.7.6

The packages that are installed with CIAO depends on how CIAO was installed, and is described further on the What Python packages are provided with CIAO? section of the Using Python with CIAO page.

Notebook support

CIAO, when installed via ciao-install, comes with support for Jupyter notebooks (also known as IPython notebooks). For conda installations it can be installed with

unix% conda install jupyter

For more information see the Jupyter notebook FAQ.

Python 2.7 support

CIAO 4.10 was the last release that was compatible with Python 2.7.