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Last modified: 20 July 2010

How do I change the MEM parameter when I get this error?

# DMCOPY (CIAO 4.2): WARNING: Creating large image: 134 MB. Current max set at 50 MB.
Increase maximum using [opt mem=n] or increase blocking to reduce size.

As the message notes, You can specify MEM=135 by adding [opt mem=135] to the input filename; e.g. for dmcopy:

unix% dmcopy "acis_evt2.fits[ccd_id=1][bin sky=1][opt mem=135]" ccd1_bin1.fits

Be aware that the DM tools will ask for a lot of RAM when making large images, so keep your machine's capabilities in mind when using this option; see ahelp dmopt for more information.

Last modified: 20 July 2010