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Galaxies Viewed with Chandra Workshop
July 7-9, 2004

Hosted by the Chandra X-ray Center
at the Sheraton Commander Hotel
16 Garden St, Cambridge, MA

M86 NGC4490 NGC4631 M82 NGC 4697
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We are pleased to announce the Galaxies Viewed with Chandra Workshop, sponsored by the Chandra X-ray Center and organized primarily by the CXC Director's Office.

    The goals of this workshop are to focus Chandra galaxy science by

  • identifying the most pressing scientific questions in this area and
  • debating good Chandra strategies to answer them.

    Some of the science topics to be addressed during the course of the workshop include:

  • Extragalactic LMXBs, Globular Clusters
  • X-ray Point Sources in Nearby Galaxies, IMBHs, ULXs
  • Diffuse Emission in Galaxies
  • Interacting Galaxies
  • Environments: Groups vs. the Field
  • Chandra's Legacy for X-ray Galaxy Astronomy

DEADLINES for Galaxies Viewed With Chandra Workshop
Early Registration/Abstract Submission (Talks or Posters):April 2, 2004
Late Registration/Abstract Submission (Posters Only):May 7, 2004
Lodging:June 5, 2004

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