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Galaxies Viewed with Chandra Workshop
July 7-9, 2004

Hosted by the Chandra X-ray Center
at the Sheraton Commander Hotel
16 Garden St, Cambridge, MA

M86 NGC4490 NGC4631 M82 NGC 4697
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Getting to the CfA

Keeping a car in Cambridge can be frustrating, expensive, and actually not altogether necessary as public transportation is available to almost anywhere you may wish to go. Public transportation and taxi services are therefore highly recommended. However, if you do have a car with you, please be advised that most on-street parking in Cambridge requires a Cambridge parking permit, which means that you must be a resident of Cambridge and that your car must be registered in Cambridge.

There is no available parking at 60 Garden Street. However, the Sheraton Commander has on-site parking available for its guests. Alternate parking solutions are under review at the moment; please contact Paul Green if driving to the Galaxies Viewed With Chandra Workshop is your sole option.

WALKING from the Sheraton Commander (16 Garden St.) to the CFA (60 Garden St.) is simple:

  • Start on Garden Street.
  • Turn Left away from Harvard Square/Common, proceed 0.4 miles.

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