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Static Version: Mean --- Last One Years

One Week Three Month One Year Five Year Full Range Min Mean Max

Delta/Yr below is a slope of the liear fitting over the data of the period. Delta/Yr/Yr is a slope of the liner fitting over the devivative data of the period. Slope listed on a linked plot is the slope computed on the last few periods of the data to show the direction of the trend, and different from that of Delta/Yr.

MSID MeanRMSDelta/YrDelta/Yr/YrUnitDescriptionLimit Violation
acpa5cv -1.972e-16999.0005.24 +/- 0.00(1.89+/-0.06)e-12VCPE A +5V CONVERTER VOLTAGENo Violation Check
aflcaah -3.216e-16999.0005.32 +/- 0.00-(3.17+/-0.06)e-12VFLCA SOH_ANo Violation Check
aioap5cv 9.314e-061.398e-055.18 +/- 0.36-(1.12+/-1.32)e-4VIOE A +5V CONVERTER VOLTAGENo Violation Check
aspea5cv 4.575e-061.412e-055.25 +/- 0.37-(1.50+/-0.14)e-13VSPE-A +5V CONVERTER VOLTAGENo Violation Check
c28vmona 4.844e-057.608e-0524.94 +/- 1.97(2.57+/-4.45)e-4V28V MONITOR - ANo Violation Check
ciua15von-5.916e-065.361e-0615.38 +/- 0.14-(1.95+/-0.06)e-12V+15V IU ANo Violation Check
off-0.0040.0021.38 +/- 4.24(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
ciua5von-1.746e-061.579e-065.23 +/- 0.04-(2.53+/-0.05)e-12V+5V IU ANo Violation Check
off-0.0015.258e-041.11 +/- 1.25(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
cpa1pwron9.501e-055.730e-043.90 +/- 10.090.02 +/- 0.04DBMPOWER AMP-1 OUTPUT POWERNo Violation Check
off8.247e-043.263e-041.50 +/- 6.190.03 +/- 0.03No Violation Check
cpa1von1.662e-065.622e-050.38 +/- 0.990.00 +/- 0.00VPOWER AMP-1 SECONDARYNo Violation Check
off8.581e-053.207e-050.15 +/- 0.610.00 +/- 0.00No Violation Check
cpa2pwron8.958e-046.050e-043.96 +/- 10.12-0.10 +/- 0.05DBMPOWER AMP-2 OUTPUT POWERNo Violation Check
off1.112e-053.297e-041.69 +/- 6.450.05 +/- 0.03No Violation Check
cpa2von9.317e-055.932e-050.39 +/- 0.99-0.01 +/- 0.01VPOWER AMP-2 SECONDARY VOLTAGENo Violation Check
off1.273e-063.278e-050.17 +/- 0.640.01 +/- 0.00No Violation Check
cpca15v 2.841e-064.657e-0515.26 +/- 1.21(9.18+/-23.13)e-5V+15V RCTU_PC ANo Violation Check
cpca5v -8.372e-071.584e-055.20 +/- 0.41-(3.92+/-3.99)e-5V+5V RCTU_PC ANo Violation Check
crxav -3.144e-061.807e-074.04 +/- 0.01-(7.96+/-33.59)e-6VRECEIVED SIGNAL STRENGTH RX-ANo Violation Check
csita15v -7.293e-067.772e-0715.44 +/- 0.02(1.43+/-2.12)e-4V+15V RCTU-SI TP-ANo Violation Check
csita5v -1.959e-16999.0005.24 +/- 0.00(1.89+/-0.06)e-12V+5V RCTU-SI TP-ANo Violation Check
cssr1cav -4.575e-167.258e-114.96 +/- 0.00(1.32+/-0.05)e-12VSSR-1 CONVERTER A VOLTAGENo Violation Check
ctsa15v 1.017e-051.234e-0615.20 +/- 0.03(2.51+/-3.79)e-4V+15V RCTU_TS ANo Violation Check
ctsa5v -1.959e-16999.0005.24 +/- 0.00(1.89+/-0.06)e-12V+5V RCTU_TS ANo Violation Check
ctua15v 1.685e-054.549e-0515.01 +/- 1.18-(1.49+/-1.29)e-4V+15V CTU ANo Violation Check
ctua5v -1.161e-065.105e-075.22 +/- 0.01(3.06+/-60.64)e-6V+5V CTU ANo Violation Check
ctxapwron5.822e-055.156e-043.51 +/- 9.090.03 +/- 0.04DBMTRANSMITTER A OUTPUT POWERNo Violation Check
off7.372e-042.943e-041.35 +/- 5.580.03 +/- 0.03No Violation Check
ctxavon8.472e-064.715e-050.51 +/- 0.830.00 +/- 0.00VTRANSMITTER A SECONDARY VOLTAGENo Violation Check
off7.488e-052.709e-050.31 +/- 0.510.00 +/- 0.00No Violation Check
cusoa28von4.447e-058.694e-0624.55 +/- 0.23(5.89+/-2.92)e-4V+28V USO ANo Violation Check
off-0.0060.0032.15 +/- 6.80(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
cxo5voba -5.025e-081.916e-085.08 +/- 0.00(3.64+/-0.07)e-12VXO 5V OBC-ANo Violation Check
eiacvav -1.238e-073.976e-085.29 +/- 0.00-(1.53+/-0.03)e-12VEIA CONV A ANALOG TLMNo Violation Check
epa15v 1.610e-054.656e-0515.25 +/- 1.21-(9.18+/-7.91)e-6V+15V RCTU_EP ANo Violation Check
aflc10ai -3.288e-057.719e-06-0.05 +/- 0.20(3.32+/-4.33)e-4MAMPFLCA DIODE 10 CURRENT-ANo Violation Check
aflc11ai -2.628e-058.834e-06-0.05 +/- 0.23-(7.08+/-9.89)e-4MAMPFLCA DIODE 11 CURRENT-ANo Violation Check
aflc12ai -1.985e-058.284e-06-0.05 +/- 0.21-(3.74+/-8.75)e-4MAMPFLCA DIODE 12 CURRENT-ANo Violation Check
aflc13ai -2.829e-059.063e-06-0.04 +/- 0.23-(9.83+/-10.55)e-4MAMPFLCA DIODE 13 CURRENT-ANo Violation Check
aflc14ai -3.644e-057.080e-06-0.06 +/- 0.18-(1.88+/-1.43)e-4MAMPFLCA DIODE 14 CURRENT-ANo Violation Check
aflca1ai 5.380e-051.853e-050.26 +/- 0.480.01 +/- 0.01MAMPFLCA DIODE 1 CURRENT-ANo Violation Check
aflca2ai -1.078e-052.009e-050.33 +/- 0.52-0.00 +/- 0.01MAMPFLCA DIODE 2 CURRENT-ANo Violation Check
aflca3ai -5.988e-051.412e-050.09 +/- 0.37-0.00 +/- 0.00MAMPFLCA DIODE 3 CURRENT-ANo Violation Check
aflca4ai -5.058e-052.034e-050.38 +/- 0.53-0.00 +/- 0.01MAMPFLCA DIODE 4 CURRENT-ANo Violation Check
aflca5ai 8.834e-051.951e-050.59 +/- 0.51-0.01 +/- 0.01MAMPFLCA DIODE 5 CURRENT-ANo Violation Check
aflca6ai 8.523e-051.893e-050.29 +/- 0.490.00 +/- 0.01MAMPFLCA DIODE 6 CURRENT-ANo Violation Check
aflca7ai -8.615e-051.258e-05-0.03 +/- 0.33-(2.25+/-19.07)e-4MAMPFLCA DIODE 7 CURRENT-ANo Violation Check
aflca8ai -8.417e-051.244e-05-0.03 +/- 0.32(3.88+/-189.50)e-5MAMPFLCA DIODE 8 CURRENT-ANo Violation Check
aflca9ai -7.339e-051.088e-05-0.03 +/- 0.28-(2.58+/-15.90)e-4MAMPFLCA DIODE 9 CURRENT-ANo Violation Check
aovapwr -0.0030.0031.22 +/- 83.45(7.77+/-6.63)e-4naPRIME VDE PWR ENABLE STAT (MOM)No Violation Check

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