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Last modified: 12/01/22

CXC/ACIS Operations

Welcome to our home page. ACIS, the Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer, is an instrument built by a team of scientists and engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Center for Space Research and the Pennsylvania State University for the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. ACIS shares the Chandra focal plane with the High Resolution Camera. However, what you will find here is contact information and other resources relevant to the Chandra X-ray Observatory Center (CXC) ACIS Operations team members.

ACIS Operations Scientist On-Duty Schedule

Please consult the following table to determine the ACIS Operations scientist on-duty to contact for mission planning purposes or spacecraft emergencies:


Week Of Scientist Work Cell
Nov 28 - Dec 2 Jack Steiner 6-7988 617-680-9306
Dec 3 - Dec 4 John ZuHone 6-1816 781-708-5004
Dec 5 - Dec 9 John ZuHone 6-1816 781-708-5004
Dec 10 - Dec 11 Jack Steiner 6-7988 617-680-9306
Dec 12 - Dec 18 Gregg Germain 6-1558 617-785-0976
Dec 19 - Dec 23 Jack Steiner 6-7988 617-680-9306
Dec 24 - Dec 30 Paul Plucinsky 6-7726 617-721-4366
Dec 31 - Jan 1 Jack Steiner 6-7988 617-680-9306
Jan 2 - Jan 8 Catherine Grant 253-0797 617-584-2686
Jan 9 - Jan 15 John ZuHone 6-1816 781-708-5004

Contact and Leave Information

Operations Memos, Documents and Links

Non-Load Event Tracking

ACIS Thermal

ACIS Procedures


ACIS Orbital Fluence

EPHIN Orbit Thresholds

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Current MP Schedules


Shift Reports

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