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Chandra Users' Committee Meeting

12-13 June 2003

M-340 (3rd floor conference room)
160 Concord Ave.

12 June 2003

09:00Chandra Status Report Roger Brissenden
09:45 Director's Discretionary Time Harvey Tananbaum
10:00 Peer Review Items
  - fair share costs
  - cycle 5 innovations: Triage, LP/VLP second reviews
Fred Seward
10:45Coffee Break
11:00 Plans for E&PO Proposal Cycle and Peer Review Kathy Lestition
11:15 Monitoring and Trends Scott Wolk
11:35 Calibration
11:35   Resolving ACIS QE differences between FI and BI chips Dick Edgar
11:40   Updates on ACIS FEFs/RMFs and latest releases Dick Edgar
12:05   Time dependence of ACIS gain and RMFs and associated contributed and official (CIAO) software Alexey Vikhlinin
12:25   Spatial variation of ACIS low energy absorption Alexey Vikhlinin
13:45Calibration (cont)
13:45   Overall status of ACIS low energy contamination and future plans Paul Plucinsky
14:25  Draft of calibration document with calibration requirements and observations required
  Procedures for monitoring the instrument science performance
Larry David
15:30Grating SpectroscopyDave Huenemoerder
15:45 CIAO
  - Intro. CIAO 3 Status, features Martin Elvis
  - CIAO Software Survey results - Full results Antonella Fruscione
  - Post CIAO 3: Overview Martin Elvis
  - Post CIAO 3: Options:
      - Level 3 Products Status Frank Primini
      - NVO era CXC Jonathan McDowell
      - SLang Dave Huenemoerder
      - GUIs for All Doug Burke & A. Fruscione
      - High Spatial/Spectral Resolution Imaging Margarita Karovska
      - CIAO Support of Chandra High Spatial Resolution Aneta Siemiginowska
  - Post CIAO 3: feedback CUC & Martin Elvis

13 June 2003
09:00- Executive Session

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