Chandra Users' Committee

Meeting agendas, presentations, reports and responses for past meetings.

Contacting the Chandra Users' Committee

The Users' Committee represents the larger astronomical community. If you have concerns about Chandra, you may contact one or more of the members listed below.

Chandra Users' Committee Membership List

  • Kristin Madsen
    (CUC Chair)
  • Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Fall 2022-Spring 2024
  • Chris Fryer
  • Los Alamos National Lab
  • Spring 2021-Fall 2023
  • Rosario Gonzalez-Riestra
  • European Space Agency
  • Spring 2021-Fall 2023
  • Anjali Gupta
  • Columbus State Community College
  • Spring 2021-Fall 2023
  • Tesla Jeltema
  • UC Santa Cruz
  • Fall 2022-Spring 2025
  • Silas Laycock
  • UMass Lowell
  • Fall 2022-Spring 2025
  • Dave Pooley
  • Trinity University
  • Spring 2021-Fall 2023
  • Takanori Sakamoto
  • Aoyama Gakuin University
  • Fall 2022-Spring 2025
  • Tea Temim
  • Princeton University
  • Fall 2022-Spring 2025
  • Brian Williams
  • Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Spring 2021-Fall 2023

Ex Officio, Non-Voting

  • Steven Ehlert
  • Stefan Immler
  • Janet Letchworth
  • Stephen O'Dell
  • Doug Swartz

CXC Coordinator

  • Antonella Fruscione
  • CXC Director's Office

Previous Users' Committee Members

Purpose of the Users' Committee

The Committee will ensure a broad-based community input to CXC functions and will provide the general user with a formal mechanism for influencing the CXC. It will ensure that the CXC, the general users, and NASA regularly meet together to discuss CXC operations and the needs of users. All services provided by the CXC will be subjects of consideration.

The committee will be advisory to the CXC and will make its reports to the Director of the CXC.


The committee will consist of 10 - 15 members representing the principal groups concerned with Chandra development and the general Chandra User Community. The membership will be predominantly from outside the Chandra development teams and the CXC. The chairperson will be from the outside user community.

Members will be appointed by the Chair and CXC Director in concurrence. The principal basis for selection will be scientific or technical expertise. A reasonable effort will be made to achieve a group representative of the variety of user home environments: academic and other institutions; large and small organizations; geographic distribution; etc. Members will normally serve for 3 years, and membership will be rotated in a manner to be determined. Expertise of members will cover a range of instrumentation and scientific techniques.

Names of committee members and the meeting schedule will be widely disseminated so potential Chandra users will have the opportunity to discuss their questions and concerns with committee members before the meetings.


The Users' Committee has two meetings per year with one in the spring (generally virtual) and one in the fall (generally in person).