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Last modified: 1 November 2022


CIAO 4.2 Release Notes

Sherpa v2 Release

[New]The Sherpa v2 patch to CIAO 4.2 was released on 19 July 2010.

This patch contains changes to Sherpa, CIAO's modeling and fitting package. Sherpa v2 has a number of enhancements, such as two new iterative fitting methods, refinements to parallelization, and many improvements to instrument and source models.

Support for the S-Lang scripting language has been removed from Sherpa in this release. S-Lang is still included for the CIAO tools and modules and for the ChIPS plotting application. The CXC is committed to helping existing S-Lang users transition to Python; contact Helpdesk if you need assistance.

CIAO 4.2 & CALDB Release Notes

Platform Support

Mac OS X 10.4 PowerPC


Removal of S-Lang Support

Starting Sherpa

Iterative Fitting

Filtering and Showing Data

Instrument Responses

Source and Background Models

PSF and Table Models


Additional Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Analysis Scripts

The CIAO contributed scripts package is available from the Scripts page and is considered a required part of the installation. They can be installed and updated with the ciao-install script.



Removal of S-Lang Support in Sherpa