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Last modified: 28 December 2009


Bugs: reproject_image_grid

A list of bugs fixed in CIAO 4.2 is available.


  1. Setting the pixelsize to a value in arcseconds


  1. Setting the pixelsize to a value in arcseconds

    If you are setting the reproject_image_grid pixelsize parameter to a value in arcseconds, you have to specify it when the tool is run, not via pset.

    A feature in the CIAO parameter interface causes double quotes (") to be converted to single quotes (') when they are written to the parameter file:

    unix% pset reproject_image_grid pixelsize='1"' 
    unix% pget reproject_image_grid pixelsize

    Supplying the pixelsize on the command line when the tool is run ensures that the value will be correctly interpreted as arcsec, e.g.

    unix% reproject_image_grid pixelsize='1"' 
    Input image file name (@expmaps.lis): 
    .. etc. ..

    The value is also correctly recorded in the history of the output file:

    unix% dmhistory sn1006_expmap.fits reproject_image_grid
    reproject_image_grid infile="@list_of_expmaps.lis" outfile="sn1006_expmap.fits"
    xsize="2500" ysize="2500" xcenter="225.7" ycenter="-41.9" theta="0" pixelsize="1""  
    projection="tan" resolution="1" method="average" coord_sys="world"  
    lookupTab="/soft/ciao/data/dmmerge_header_lookup.txt" clobber="yes" verbose="0" 

Bugs fixed in CIAO 4.2

The following is a list of bugs that were fixed in the CIAO 4.2 software release.

  1. Negative declinations not converted correctly (02 Sep 2009)

    If the ycenter parameter is specified in sexigesimal format and the declination is negative, the tool does not convert the value correctly. This causes a shift in the output image.


    Convert the value to degress before running reproject_image_grid.

Last modified: 28 December 2009