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Last modified: 22 June 2010


Modules for Scientific Analysis

S-Lang and Python modules extend the software by providing access to libraries via the scripting language. A module is a shared object that is dynamically linked into an application during runtime.

There are a number of modules distributed with the CIAO software package in both S-Lang and Python versions:

Module Description
caldb4 interface to the CALDB library, used to select calibration files for data analysis.
chips The CIAO plotting package, ChIPS, is available as a module; see the ChIPS website for more information.
crates CRATES provides a high level interface for reading input files, accessing and manipulating data, and writing output files.
group interface to the group library, which bins histogram data based on various user-selected rules.
paramio interface to the parameter library, which is used to handle parameters in the same manner as the CIAO tools.
pixlib interface to the pixlib library, which handles conversions between coordinate systems.
region interface to the region library, used to parse regions and calculate region area.
sherpa The CIAO modeling and fitting package, Sherpa, is available as a module; see the Sherpa website for more information.
stackio interface to the stack library, used to create and manipulate stacks.
transform TRANSFORMS provides a means of applying mathematical operations to data in order to convert it from one reference frame to another.

Other modules

Last modified: 22 June 2010