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Last modified: 12 November 2010


Script Update History

Package Version Name Changes
15 Nov 2010 ciao_contrib.runtool

The ciao_contrib.runtool module has been updated to include support for the chandra_repro, combine_spectra and make_psf_asymmetry_region tools, as well as fix an issue that could occur when setting parameters to floating-point values.


The sherpa_contrib.profiles module has been updated so that the routines (e.g. prof_data, prof_fit and prof_fit_delchi) will work with models created using the set_full_model command.

26 Oct 2010 download_chandra_obsid

The download_chandra_obsid tool provides easy command-line downloads of public Chandra data.


The make_psf_asymmetry_region tool creates a region file indicating the location of the PSF asymmetry found in HRC and ACIS data, as discussed in the Probing higher resolution: an asymmetry in the Chandra PSF.

12 Oct 2010 chandra_repro
  • Support for HRC imaging data has been added.
  • The default value of the pix_adj parameter is set to "default" to accommodate ACIS and HRC default parameter settings.
  • A HISTORY entry for chandra_repro is added to the header of the level=1 and level=2 event files. Use the dmhistory tool to view the entry.
  • additional updates are listed in the "CHANGES IN THE OCTOBER 2010 RELEASE" section of the help file
  • Bug fix: the SPECRESP column values in the combined ARF were not scaled by the number of files that were combined. Users who combined an ARF with an earlier version of the script should remake it to get the correct output values.

  • The RESPFILE keyword value in the header of combined background spectrum is set to "NONE" if the background RMFs were not combined. Previously, the keyword value was left blank.

16 Aug 2010 combine_spectra

[New]combine_spectra sums multiple imaging source PHA spectra, and (optionally) the associated background PHA spectra and source and background ARF files.


This script is being deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Users should use the specextract script in combination with the new combine_spectra script in place of acisspec.


The smooth_image_crate has been added; it allows a user to smooth the image data in a crate. This is also only for users with Sherpa 4.2 release 2.

  • [New]The ciao_contrib.smooth module, for users with Sherpa 4.2 release 2. This module provides routines for smoothing a 2D array with a specific shape (gaussian, box-car or top-hat) or another image.
  • An update to fixes an unexpected change in behavior whereby some scripts incorrectly used the standard error, rather than output, channel for screen output.
16 Jul 2010 chandra_repro

Minor updates:

  • destreak is run after acis_process_events
  • change to the destreak mask parameter to improve results for ACIS VFAINT data observations.
Sherpa help files

The S-Lang syntax has been removed from the Sherpa contributed ahelp files to coincide with the Sherpa v2 release.

01 Jul 2010 chandra_repro [New]The chandra_repro reprocessing script runs all the recommended data processing threads for ACIS imaging data. Future releases will support HRC and grating data. For details and examples, refer to "ahelp chandra_repro".
crates_contrib [New] The scale_image_crate (S-Lang or Python help) routine has been added to the crates_contrib.utils module. It is useful for scaling images to be displayed by the ChIPS add_image (S-Lang or Python help) routine.
ciao_contrib The ciao_contrib.runtool module can now be used to run the following tools: acis_run_hotpix, axbary, dmgti, evalpos, pileup_map, tgdetect and wavdetect. Problems with trying to set the rand_pix_size parameter of acis_process_events, hrc_process_events and tg_resolve_events have been resolved.
09 Jun 2010 check_ciao_caldb The tool now accepts the --latest flag which will check that the CALDB is up to date (it needs to be able to access the CALDB website).
hrc_bkgrnd_lookup [New] A script to find the matching HRC-I background file (either event or spectra) for a given observation.
ciao_contrib The Python ciao_contrib package has been expanded to include the ciao_contrib.runtool module for running CIAO tools as if they were Python functions and the ciao_contrib.caldb module for access to version information of the installed CALDB.
acis_fef_lookup Outputs the block name rather than the block number for the output file, as it it did prior to CIAO 4.2.
SherpaCL Updated to version 0.26. New commands are HIST and H for changing the properties of histogram plots and CLOBBER. The IGNORE and NOTICE commands now support the PLOT option from CIAO 3.4. Several bugs have been fixed.
21 Apr 2010 SherpaCL SherpaCL version 0.25 provides support for the CIAO 3.4 commands: BATCH, FONT, GETX, GETY, OPLOT and PILEUP.

New commands are: AX, AY, FONTSTYLE, W, WINDOW, XAXIS and YAXIS.

The support for grating datasets and PHA files with multiple background components has been improved in this release. The 'SHOW PILEUP' command has been added to show the parameters of a fit made with a pileup model.

The LPLOT and CPLOT commands can now be used to add data to an existing plot using the ADD option. The 'PICK LIMITS' command allows a user to select the new limits of a plot with the mouse.

Enter 'AHELP CHANGES' from within SherpaCL for a more-detailed list of the changes in this release.

01 Apr 2010 sherpa_contrib.utils (Python) sherpa_utils (S-Lang) modules Extended to include the estimate_weighted_expmap() routine and to add the fluxtype argument to the existing routines.

New commands, primarily related to image support in both ChIPS and Sherpa: IPLOT, IMG, CBAR, CB, CN and IM.

The CURVE command can now be used to plot data from files, and the PRINT command now uses the settings frmo the PAGESIZE and COLORSYS commands.

make_instmap_weights A new script that allows users to create the spectral weights file used by mkinstmap from the command line.
05 Mar 2010 deflare Bug fix: script would go to ChIPS prompt when plot=no.
01 Mar 2010 SherpaCL SherpaCL version 0.23 provides support for the commands: BINSTRUMENT, DELETE, DRAWAREA, HLINE, LINE, LN, LOCATION, TICKS, TICKVALS and VLINE.

The HLINE and VLINE commands are new, and many of the other commands support new or enhanced functionality over CIAO 3.4 (e.g. more control over the appearance of tick marks and their labels).

chips_contrib.utils (Python) and chips_utils (S-Lang) modules Added xlabel(), ylabel() and title() routines. These routines are short forms of the set_plot_xlabel(), set_plot_ylabel() and set_plot_title() commands.
17 Feb 2010 SherpaCL SherpaCL version 0.22 adds support for the following commands from CIAO 3.4: DATASPACE, L, LABEL, TITLE.

The LABEL, TITLE, XLABEL, and YLABEL commands now support new options for changing the angle, font, style, alignment and position of the text (these are extensions to the CIAO 3.4 command set).

The SHOW command now supports the following options: BG, BACKGROUND, PSF, and AHELP.

lightcurve package ObsId labels are restored in the plots.
02 Feb 2010 SherpaCL SherpaCL version 0.21 works with CIAO 4.2. Several additions and enhancements have been made (see 'AHELP CHANGES' from within SherpaCL for full details); the major change is that the CONF command has been added as a replacement for PROJ (although PROJ is still supported).
check_ciao_caldb Specifies "UTC" when reporting the release date.
15 Dec 2009 multiple scripts The scripts package has been updated for the CIAO 4.2 release. The Analysis Scripts section of the release notes has a list of all the changes made.

Last modified: 12 November 2010