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Last modified: 25 Jan 2010
Where are the PDFs?

A Note on Filenames & Directories

CIAO 4.2 Science Threads



No part of the CIAO software imposes any filename restrictions, other than the usual operating system dependencies. The file names given in the threads are those for the test data used in the examples. The unix mv or ln commands may be used to change file names as desired. For instance, one could link them into a working directory with the names pha, rmf, asol, evt1, and bpix. The same script could then be run several times without having to input the observation-specific filenames.

For further information on CXC file naming conventions, please see the FITS File Names for the Chandra Data Archive and the Guide to Chandra Data Products pages.


Similarly, it is not required that you keep the files organized in the "primary" and "secondary" directories in which they are distributed. In fact, the standard data distribution occasionally moves products from one to the other. The data products are arranged such that the products necessary for most analyses (e.g. the CIAO threads) are in the primary directory. If you are interested in reprocessing your data, you will also need the level 1 files, which are in the secondary directory. The Data Products Guide contains more details on the data distribution.


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Where are the PDFs?
Last modified: 25 Jan 2010