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Last modified: 18 January 2024

CSC Threads

All threads

A list of all the threads on one page.

Jupyter Notebooks

[New] Science threads for CSC 2.0 based on Jupyter notebooks which are also downloadable.

Introduction [New]

Beginners should start here. The Introductory threads explain how to use CSCview to query the Chandra Source Catalog and download Level=3 data products and tables of source properties.

Science [New][Updated]

Learn how to query the catalog, retrieve and manipulate catalog data in the context of several science scenarios, with examples using the CIAO and Sherpa analysis software. [These threads have not been completely updated to match release 2.0 of the CSC, but still provide a general overview of how the data products can be used.]

Other Applications

These threads provide instructions for accessing the catalog via applications other than CSCview, such as DS9 and Google Earth.