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Last modified: 12 December 2018


Latest Updates

This document highlights important changes and additions to Sherpa functionality in the CIAO 4.11 Sherpa release.

Sherpa version for CIAO 4.11 was released on December 13, 2018. Sherpa in CIAO runs under Python 3.5. The major updates in this release include:

The CIAO release of Sherpa is based on the GitHub-developed version of Sherpa. Please consider contributing to Sherpa development, whether by adding code, fixing bugs, or changing documentation. The documentation for this "stand alone" version of Sherpa may be useful, but is not aimed at CIAO users.


The model ahelp files - such as gauss1d and xsapec - have been updated to match the information provided in the Python docstrings. However, the Python docstrings are still the preferred way to access help on the Sherpa functions, since the remaining ahelp files have not been kept up to date with changes in Sherpa.

If you spot any errors, or missing information, in the docstrings, please submit a pull request to fix it or report the problem.

A recent development for "standalone Sherpa" is the creation of the Sherpa documentation website. This provides on-line access to the Python docstrings, as well as general documentation on how to use Sherpa. It is aimed at users who want to use the more object-orientated interface provided by Sherpa rather than the functions from the sherpa.astro.ui module documented on this site, as well as not being tailored to CIAO users, but it may be useful for the more advanced Sherpa users.

Bug Fixes

A full list of the bug fixes can be found on the CIAO 4.11 release notes page, or by viewing the changes made to the 4.11 release branch on GitHub.