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CDA Status
  • The archive is fully functional.
Reprocessing Status
  • Reprocessing has been completed for
    • Phase I: 2005-11-13 to 2011-12-31
    • Phase II: 2000-01-30 to 2005-11-13
Current Software Releases
  • ASCDSVER: 10.8.1
What's New
  • Chandra Footprint Service
    The new secure Footprint Service can be found here
  • Global Chandra Coverage
    Check out the new Chandra MOC page.
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CXO Papers Repository

The CXO Papers Repository provides information regarding (and in many cases full-text access to) articles and academic papers concerning the Chandra mission.

Here is a breakout of major paper categories:

Instruments: these cover the instruments aboard the spacecraft: relevant tabs are ACIS, HRC, HETG, LETG, HRMA, PCAD and EPHIN.
Software: these papers concern Chandra-specific software tools such as CIAO, Sherpa, ChIPS, ChaRT, etc.
Operations: these concern major ongoing efforts in support of the mission, such as the Chandra Bibliography
General Observatory: papers that are listed under four or more tabs are considered "General" Chandra papers.

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