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Last modified: 7 November 2022


Bugs: mktgresp

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PHAFRAC column values

The grating ARF files created by mkgarf contain a PHAFRAC column. It is not used by any analysis tools nor is it used when modeling and fitting. It is contains diagnostic information used by the developers.

When the grating ARFs for individual CCDs are combined the dmarfadd tool simply copies the PHAFRAC column from one of the input files to the output. It does not try to combine the values in any way. This is also the case when combining positive and negative orders, and when combining responses from multiple observations.

Therefore, the PHAFRAC values may be different based on the order the files are input tool. Again, since the values are not used, this has user-visable effect.

Warnings related to missing SUM_2X2, OCLKPAIR, FEP_CCD, or ORC_MODE keywords

Users trying to run this tool with old versions of data products, those created with ASCDSVER less than version 8.4.2, may see warnings like

FITSIO status = 202: keyword not found in header
*** ERROR: *** Unable to get the value of `SUM_2X2' in /data/acisf04425_000N003_evt1.fits

Users should consult the Watch Out page for more information on this topic an information on how to upgrade their data products.


mktgresp fails to create MEG responses if orders parameter is set.

For datasets taken with the HETG inserted, mktgresp is supposed to create response files for all the orders listed for both HEG and MEG gratings. The Python3 edition in CIAO 4.10 of the script fails to create responses for the MEG arm.

The responses are only created for +/-1 HEG. The +/-1 HEG files which are created are correct.


Users can simply run mktgresp after chandra_repro to create the full set of +/- 1,2,3 HEG and MEG responses by setting the orders parameter to an empty|blank string.

unix% chandra_repro 19882 out= 
unix% mktgresp infile=19882/repro/acisf19882_repro_pha2.fits \
  evtfile=19882/repro/acisf19882_repro_evt2.fits \
  outroot=19882/repro/tg/acisf19882_repro \
  orders= \
  mode=h clob+

This creates the response files for each spectrum in the pha2.fits file.