Last modified: December 2020

AHELP for CIAO 4.14


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Download and install CIAO, CALDB, and the contributed script files


bash ciao-install
bash ciao-install --help


The ciao-install script is designed to simplify and automate the installation and upgrade of the CIAO software and of the Chandra Calibration DataBase (CALDB). It downloads the necessary files over FTP, verifies them (using their MD5 message digest value), installs them, configures the installation, and then optionally runs a quick test of the system (the smoke tests). It is strongly suggested that these tests are run to check that the installation succeeded.

The ciao-install script is downloaded from the CIAO download page. After downloading, it must be run using the bash shell, and will install the requested set of packages. The default settings provide a full installation with the base calibration database (CALDB), but this selection can be changed using the custom installation option or via the command-line options to the script. Please check the Platform support page for information on the systems for which CIAO is available.

If there are any problems installing CIAO, please refer to the Installation and Smoke Tests bugs page and, if this does not help you, the CXC Help Desk.

Alternative installation: conda

Since CIAO 4.12 it has been possible to install CIAO with the conda system. See the Installing CIAO with conda page for more information.

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