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AHELP for CIAO 4.11 Sherpa v1


Context: info


Display the confidence information


show_conf([outfile=None, clobber=False] )


The show_conf command displays the results of the last run of the confidence command (see "ahelp conf"), which may be saved to a file via the 'outfile' argument. The output consists of the best-fit model parameter values and associated confidence limits calculated for one or more data sets, using the confidence parameter estimation method and the chosen fit optimization method and statistic.

The command output looks like:

sherpa> show_conf()

Confidence:Dataset               = 1, 2
Confidence Method     = confidence
Fitting Method        = levmar
Statistic             = chi2gehrels
confidence 1-sigma (68.2689%) bounds:
   Param            Best-Fit  Lower Bound  Upper Bound
   -----            --------  -----------  -----------
   p1.gamma          2.15852   -0.0827856    0.0834106
   p1.ampl        0.00022484 -1.48256e-05  1.48256e-05

The behavior of the screen output is determined by the user's $PAGER environment variable setting, which is usually a variant of "more." To disable paging within show_all() - i.e. print the entire contents, even if it scrolls offscreen - change this setting to "cat" before starting Sherpa:

unix% setenv PAGER cat

unix% sherpa


Example 1

sherpa> show_conf()

Print to the screen the model parameter confidence values resulting from the last run of the confidence command (which may have been run for one or multiple data sets).

Example 2

sherpa> show_conf("sherpa.conf", True)

Write the model parameter confidence values to the file "sherpa.conf", clobbering any existing file with the same name.


See the bugs pages on the Sherpa website for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

See Also

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