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AHELP for CIAO 4.11 Sherpa v1


Context: plotting


Create an X,Y scatter plot.


plot_scatter(x, y, name="(x,y)", xlabel="x", ylabel="y", replot=False,
overplot=False, clearwindow=True)


The plot_scatter() function creates a scatter plot using the input x and y data arrays (NumPy ndarrays), with the specified title and axis labels.

Argument Default Description
x NumPy ndarray of x values
y NumPy ndarray of y values
name "(x,y)" title to assign to the plot
xlabel "x" label to assign to the x-axis
ylabel "y" label to assign to the y-axis
replot False Should previously-calculated arrays be used to create the plot?
overplot False If True, then add the data to the current plot, otherwise erase the frame and create a new plot.
clearwindow True If True, then do not delete any existing frames in the current ChIPS window. Note that the plots will be created in a new ChIPS frame even when this argument is set.


Example 1


Assign an array of flux values to variable 'x' and array of corresponding significance values to variable 'y', and create an x,y scatter plot of the data using the plot_scatter() function with default preferences.

sherpa> x = [7.89598603e-13, 7.83831341e-13, 7.56311062e-13,
7.82468252e-13, 7.86805883e-13, 7.18030229e-13]
sherpa> y = [3., 4., 5., 6., 10., 2.]

sherpa> plot_scatter(x,y)

Example 2

plot_scatter(redshift, index, name="P-L Photon Index versus Quasar
Redshift", ylabel="X-ray power law photon index", xlabel="quasar

Assign an array of quasar redshift values to variable 'redshift' and and array of corresponding power law photon index values to variable 'index', and create a scatter plot of the data. Customize the title and axis labels of the plot by specifying 'redshift' as the x-axis label, 'index' as the y-axis label, and "P-L Photon Index versus Quasar Redshift" as the plot title.

sherpa> redshift = [3.9, 4.5, 4.19, 4.23, 4.46]
sherpa> index = [1.25, 1.35, 0.75, 1.3, 1.8]

sherpa> plot_scatter(redshift,index, name="P-L Photon Index
          vs. Quasar Redshift", ylabel="X-ray power law photon
          index", xlabel="quasar redshift")


See the bugs pages on the Sherpa website for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

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