Last modified: December 2023

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AHELP for CIAO 4.16 Sherpa


Context: modeling


Return the data used by plot_source.


get_source_plot(id=None, lo=None, hi=None, recalc=True)

id - int or str, optional
lo - number, optional
hi - number, optional
recalc - bool, optional


Example 1

Retrieve the source plot information for the default data set and then display it:

>>> splot = get_source_plot()
>>> print(splot)

Example 2

Return the plot data for data set 2, and then use it to create a plot:

>>> s2 = get_source_plot(2)
>>> s2.plot()

Example 3

Retrieve the source plots for the 0.5 to 7 range of the 'jet' and 'core' data sets and display them on the same plot:

>>> splot1 = get_source_plot(id='jet', lo=0.5, hi=7)
>>> splot2 = get_source_plot(id='core', lo=0.5, hi=7)
>>> splot1.plot()
>>> splot2.overplot()

Example 4

Access the plot data (for a PHA data set) and select only the bins corresponding to the 2-7 keV range defined in the call:

>>> splot = get_source_plot(lo=2, hi=7)
>>> xlo = splot.xlo[splot.mask]
>>> xhi = splot.xhi[splot.mask]
>>> y = splot.y[splot.mask]

Example 5

For a PHA data set, the units on both the X and Y axes of the plot are controlled by the `set_analysis` command. In this case the Y axis will be in units of photon/s/cm^2/keV x Energy and the X axis in keV:

>>> set_analysis('energy', factor=1)
>>> splot = get_source_plot()
>>> print(splot)


The parameters for this function are:

Parameter Definition
id The data set that provides the data. If not given then the default identifier is used, as returned by `get_default_id` .
lo The low value to plot (only used for PHA data sets).
hi The high value to plot (only use for PHA data sets).
recalc If False then the results from the last call to `plot_source` (or `get_source_plot` ) are returned, otherwise the data is re-generated.

Return value

The return value from this function is:

An object representing the data used to create the plot by `plot_source` . The return value depends on the data set (e.g. PHA, 1D binned, 1D un-binned). If lo or hi were set then the mask attribute of the object can be used to apply the filter to the xlo , xhi , and y attributes.


See the bugs pages on the Sherpa website for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

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