Last modified: December 2019

AHELP for CIAO 4.16 Sherpa


Context: contrib


Plot up the model spectrum in the form required by mkinstmap


plot_instmap_weights(id=None, fluxtype="photon", overplot=False,
clearwindow=True, **kwargs)


The plot_instmap_weights() command creates a plot of the current model values in the form expected by the CIAO mkinstmap tool. Please see the Calculating Spectral Weights thread for further information on how to use this routine.

Loading the routine

The routine can be loaded into Sherpa by saying:

from sherpa_contrib.utils import *


Name Default value Description
id None (which means use the value of get_default_id) Which dataset to use.
fluxtype "photon" The units for the instrument map are cm^2 count / <fluxtype>. The valid options for this argument are "photon" (the default) or "erg".
overplot False If True then the data is added to the current plot, otherwise a new plot is created.
clearwindow True If True then clear out the current plot area of all existing plots. This is not used if overplot is set.
**kwargs The plot preferences can be over-ridden (e.g. xlog, ylog, color).


Example 1

sherpa> plot_instmap_weights()

Create a plot of the model weights for the default dataset.

Example 2

sherpa> plot_instmap_weights(ylog=True)
sherpa> plot_instmap_weights(2, overplot=True, linestyle='dotted')

Plot the weights for datasets 1 and 2, using a log scale for the Y axis and drawing the second curve with a dotted line.

Example 3

sherpa> plot_instmap_weights(fluxtype="erg")

Here the weights are for use in creating an instrument map in units of cm^2 count / erg rather than the default of cm^2 count / photon.

Changes in the scripts 4.12.1 (December 2019) release

The plot styles can be changed using the color settings returned by get_data_plot_prefs (in earlier releases the linecolor and linewidth settings were used, which were used by the ChIPS plotting system).

Changes in the scripts 4.11.4 (2019) release

Plotting can now use matplotlib

The plot_instmap_weights() routine now uses the Sherpa plot backend (controlled by the plot_pkg setting in a user's ~/.sherpa.rc file), rather than always using ChIPS.

Optional argument

The clearwindow optional arguments has been added to plot_instmap_weights.


See the bugs pages on the Sherpa website for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

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