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AHELP for CIAO 4.15


Context: transform


Copy the transform.



The copy method of the transform object can also be used.


The function arguments.

Argument Description
transform A transform object.

The copy_transform command generates a complete copy of the provided transform.


>>> import pycrates as pyc
>>> import pytransform as pyt
>>> cr = pyc.read_file("evt2.fits")
>>> trans = cr.get_transform("MSC")
>>> t2 = pyt.copy_transform(trans)
>>> print(t2.print_parameter_list())
Name: CRPIX	Type: dmDOUBLE	Value: 4096.500000, 4096.500000	   	Desc: Reference Point Pixel Coordinates	Parent: MSC
Name: CRVAL	Type: dmDOUBLE	Value: 0.000000, 0.000000	   	Desc: Center Coordinate in decimal degrees	Parent: MSC
Name: CDELT	Type: dmDOUBLE	Value: 0.000137, 0.000137	   	Desc: Transform Scale in degrees/pixel	Parent: MSC
Name: CROTA	Type: dmDOUBLE	Value: 0.000000	   	Desc: Rotation Angle	Parent: MSC
Name: EQUINOX	Type: dmSHORT	Value: 2000	   	Desc: Equinox of Coordinates	Parent: MSC
Name: EPOCH	Type: dmDOUBLE	Value: 2000.000000	   	Desc: Epoch of Coordinates	Parent: MSC
Name: CTYPE	Type: dmCHAR	Value: LONG-TAN   , NPOL-TAN	   	Desc: Coordinate Projection Type	Parent: MSC

Copy the "MSC" transform from the file evt2.fits to "t2".

Direct access via the object

Note that you can also use the copy method of the transform object - e.g.

>>> t2 = trans.copy()


See the bug pages on the CIAO website for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

Refer to the CIAO bug pages for an up-to-date listing of known issues.

See Also

apply_transform, get_transform_type