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CDA Status
  • The archive is fully functional.
Reprocessing Status
    Reprocessing IV has been completed in December 2014.
Current Software Releases
  • ASCDSVER: 10.9.2
  • CALDBVER: 4.9.3
What's New
  • Repro V Begins
    The fifth major reprocessing of the archive (Repro V) has started! Details can be found here.
  • Archival Target Names
    Details on the replacement of archival "bad" target names can be found here
  • Chandra Footprint Service
    The new secure Footprint Service can be found here
  • Past Notices
News Item 012


ChaSeR, the new CDA Search and Retrieval tool is now available as beta release. It is implemented as a platform-independent Java application. Download and installation is made easy and the application will notify users when updates are available. The only caveat concerns older window managers such as twm and tvtwm which are not fully X11-compliant and not supported anymore.

ChaSeR allows users to browse the observation catalog with a variety of search criteria, to display preview images, and to stage for download any combination of public data products. In addition, it allows authorized download of proprietary data products. In due course it will replace the current procedure for proprietary data distribution via the ftp site.

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