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Last modified: December 2010

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AHELP for CIAO 4.3 Sherpa v1


Context: filtering


Ignore bins according to quality flags


ignore_bad( [id,] [bkg_id] )


The ignore_bad command ignores bins in the PHA data which have a quality flag > 0 ("bad").

Ignoring the bad quality bins may alter the grouping flag sizes. In this case, any filters which have been applied to the data are removed when ignore_bad is used.

  • id - the id of the dataset to use; if not given, uses the default dataset id (id=1 by default, see "ahelp get_default_id")
  • bkg_id - the id of the background, if ignoring bad quality in background data; default=None

Example 1

sherpa> ignore_bad()

Ignore bins with quality flags set in the default dataset.

Example 2

sherpa> ignore_bad("src")
sherpa> ignore_bad("src", "bkg1")

Ignore bins with quality flags set in the dataset "src" and the corresponding background file "bkg1".

Example 3

sherpa> notice(0.1,4.0)
sherpa> ignore_bad()
WARNING: filtering grouped data with quality flags, previous filters

The ignore_bad command alters the size of the grouping flags, so a warning is printed.


See the bugs pages on the Sherpa website for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

See Also

get_filter, ignore, ignore2d, ignore2d_id, ignore_id, notice, notice2d, notice2d_id, notice_id, show_filter

Last modified: December 2010
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